Membership Benefits

FADRA Established in 1975 is the only Auto Dismantling and Recycling Association in the State to be directly affiliated with ARA, the Automotive Recyclers Association. As an Affiliate Chapter, an elected FADRA member sits on the ARA Board.

Legislative PowerFADRA's lobbying efforts help avoid expensive legislation and time-consuming regulation, while protecting your rights as an auto recycler. FADRA has tackled legislative issues on mercury switch recycling, auto theft prevention initiatives, auto salvage licensing, the derelict motor vehicle bill, used tire liability, and an amendment to change the threshold on certificate of destruction vehicles. We encourage you to join us for FADRA Legislative Days, held in March or April each year. This is a great way to personally make contact with our legislators and make sure they know FADRA and you, as their constituents, have a voice in the legislative process.

FADRA News Magazine – Your association produces a quarterly, four-color, information-packed newsletter, a Web site, and annual convention and trade show…FADRA keeps you informed on member and industry news and helps improve your business knowledge.

Business opportunities – Customers often visit the FADRA Website looking for parts search; these requests are passed along to members. Networking with other members helps you solidify relationships and create new contacts.

Connectivity – FADRA works with ARA, the DEP, the DMV, law enforcement, and other agencies and organizations to make sure you are represented fairly.

FADRA Annual Convention –The FADRA convention is recognized as one of the premier Convention & Trade Shows in the entire United States! Only FADRA Members receive a discounted registration fee to the convention. Each year, key industry speakers address the membership and share information and insight on issues affecting your business. You have the opportunity to discuss solutions to common problems and address the needs that affect you most!

Scholarships – Formed in 2007, FADRA is committed to Education and Training. The Scholarship Program awards up to five $1,000 cash awards each year. This benefit is available to the Employees and the employees Children, or Grandchildren who work at FADRA Member Yards and Associate Member Companies.

Member's Online Directory – All FADRA Members are recognized on the FADRA Website with a full company listing, along with their logos and hyperlinks to their company website.

ARA University Safety Program Courses: FADRA Member Yards receive complimentary training on over 25 ARA Safety Programs, with course certifications issued at completion. A full list of safety course training programs can be found at

Together we are making a difference in the Automotive Recycling Industry!