FADRA Legislative Days

Each year, idepending on the start of the Legislative Session,, FADRA members travel to Tallahassee to meet with elected representatives. We usually meet during the committee period, before regular Session, in order to meet with more legislators. Wearing our distinctive green or light blue shirts, the group spends a few minutes with legislators and aides from around the state to present our positions on bills affecting the auto recycling industry. FADRA has developed cordial relationships with several legislators over the years. This representation has helped delay or kill bills that could harm auto recyclers or consumers, and sometimes passing bills that benefit the industry. All members are welcome to participate in Legislative Days.

Take Part in FADRA Legislative Days

FADRA members visit Tallahassee usually in January, before Session starts in March, or December if it starts in January. Our Lobbyist, Amanda Fraser of Colodny Fass, and her team monitor and help us develop legislation throughout the year and works with the FADRA Board to get involved as necessary. To get involved, please contact Kim at the [email protected] to let us know you want to join the group in talking to legislators. it's a great education for you as a business owner and citizen and a chance to represent your industry in a positive light.

We make it as efficient as possible for the busy business owner: meet for lunch on Tuesday, start legislative visits that afternoon at 12:30 or 1:00, a nice dinner that evening, then meet with legislators the following morning (after a breakfast we provide) at 8:30, and you are finished by 12:30 pm.