Tire Bills

For eight years, FADRA has defeated Tire Bills that have been proposed by the Rubber Manufacturers. We are trying to convince them to use language that places the liability on the installer of the tire. Their past bills have tried to place the liability on the seller and some bills have tried to ban the sale of a tire with a production date of more than 6 years.

FADRA Legislative Fund

FADRA members contribute in various ways to our legislative activities. Members have the option to contribute to the Fund (which is managed separately from FADRA’s general funds) via their dues billing, at the convention, or any other time they wish. The auction during the convention helps to support the fund as well. We hire a lobbyist from Colodny Fass to monitor legislative year-round and work on bills during the Legislative Session. The association would like to contribute to the campaigns of legislators as well. Please use the form here to contribute to our Legislative Fund. Your contribution provides a vital membership benefit to Florida auto recyclers.

Key Statutes

Salvage Statutes - Chapter 319.30

Secondary Recyclers - Chapter 538.18 (Definitions)

Secondary Recyclers - Chapter 538.19 (Records)

Secondary Recyclers - Chapter 538.235 (Payment)

Secondary Recyclers - Chapter 538.26 (Prohibited Acts)

Florida House and Senate

Florida House of Representatives: flhouse.gov

Florida Senate: flsenate.gov